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  • Marvel Actors + TIFF Portraits
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shieldmaidenjen asked: "LOVE your graphics! You are seriously talented. Question for you: I was wondering about the Arwen/Liv Tyler graphic you posted on December 1, 2012 - is that a rare Arwen picture or a manip you made? If it is a picture, would you mind sharing? I adore LotR and Arwen is one of my favs!"

*beams* Aww, thank you! It’s a picture. :) I scanned it back then from the 2013 LotR Calendar (and I might have bought it mostly for that image, but sssh). Unfortunately not one of the bigger ones, so the quality isn’t exactly awesome. And even less so when I try to attach it here (also tumblr doesn’t let me use full stops - eh?). I’ll upload it in a separate post in a minute. :D

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Thor Swap gift for video-nerd: ThunderShieldfeaturing lines by W.S. Merwin

Thor Swap gift for video-nerd: ThunderShield
featuring lines by W.S. Merwin

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Larp impressions; Fürstenberg, Germany - August 16, 2014

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Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart.
Bitter. Sweet. Alive.”
Thor Swap ϟ Happy Thor for padabee

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ita-dicimus-omnes replied to your photo “Not going to open that window ever again. Ever.”

O M G! >.< This is scary as fuck. Yikes. Disgusting thing. Funny though that right now I am writing about giant spiders (guess you know what I’m talking about :D )
I do and these two can drop by afterwards and take care of that one. And the mini versions that are hanging in front of the other windows, just in case they’d want revenge. *clutches blanket*
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Not going to open that window ever again. Ever.

Not going to open that window ever again. Ever.

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Marvel Press Line at Comic Con - July 26, 2014

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The Hobbit Cast at Comic Con - July 26, 2014

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wadwilson asked: "dafür dass du obi wan anstatt han gewählt hast, könnte ich dich küssen. es gibt einfach so wenige die obi wan so mögen deswegen freut es mich :D"

*wimperklimper* Was soll ich sagen? Han ist cool, keine Frage, aber ich hatte schon immer eine Schwäche für Leute mit Lichtschwertern. *g*

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